Dogs as Part of Your Security Set Up

Obtaining a guard dog may be a good choice to protect one’s business or home against intruders. A dog that is well trained can prove to be a valuable companion, committed in protecting its guardian and his/her possessions. However, a dog trained to attack humans comes with much responsibility.
There are several levels of guard dog training, ranging from watch dogs that will alert the owner, to protection dogs that will defend the owner with no hesitation. The breeds that are most commonly trained for such purposes are Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Herding breeds are also very good watch dogs, as they are naturally inclined to protect their flock/family, while at the same time are very gentle and affectionate with their owners. Virtually, all dogs are capable of becoming guard dogs, however the training approach and the time required may vary. A tip for people wanting to give the illusion of calmness to would-be burglars, and train their dog even more in the process, might want to consider installing the top wireless pet containment system before guard dog training.

A puppy intended to become a guard dog has to have certain characteristics. It should not display signs of anxiety when placed in new surroundings. It has to be confident and fearless. It has to show assertiveness, without being aggressive. It should not be sound sensitive, however it has to be sensitive to movement and other’s actions to be ready to defend itself, instead of fleeing. Some level of sociability is required, as the dog should be able to be in the presence of others besides family members. Loyalty and trainability are both very important qualities. To determine those though, one has to rely on the traits of the breed.

The early stages of training will determine the effectiveness of later guard training. The dog has to be exposed to as many animals, humans and stimuli as possible, especially at the age of 8-12 weeks and throughout its life. A guard dog is suspicious, so it must have a clear understanding of what constitutes a threat and what does not. From day one, it must begin with the fundamentals of obedience. It must perform its obedience skills consistently and reliably every time in any environment. Household rules must be placed and followed at all times. Finally, it must have well defined leadership to avoid incidents of disobedience.

Remember that as you are training your puppy, if you have other security devices that are sensitive and are outside, you may want to protect them with a pet barrier like the Pawz Away. This will be another way to train your dog and will also stop him or her from getting into trouble while it is still learning to be trained and behave. If you don’t have anything outside, and you want to go with the option we mentioned above with the pet fence, you can also try the great Havahart system we recommend.

Most protection training techniques are based on Schutzhund. This is a German training program that focuses in shaping dog behavior overall. It has three components which are obedience, tracking and protection. Teaching a dog to attack on command is very dangerous, so the dog must be shaped in the whole. No dog is worked in only one aspect. This is very sensitive work that can only be safely implemented by professionals. Here’s a video of Schutzhund in action to give you a better idea:

However, before deciding to go ahead and protect train a dog, one has to assess their needs. Most dogs are protective of their home regardless of their training and are very likely to bark at the presence of a threat. Furthermore, a protection trained dog may cause you legal problems, issues with your insurance and significantly increases your liability. So, there are a number of factors to consider before settling on the level of commitment that having a guard dog entails.

Are safe rooms practical?

safe room

Safe rooms are popularly known as Panic Rooms, but whatever the case, a safe room basically describes a secure place or a room constructed within a residence (commercial or home) for protection during invasion or burglary. Other people construct safe rooms for retreat during destructive storms like a tornado while others construct safe room to act as store for valuables such as money and jewelry. Safe rooms can also be used to protect a family from terrorism and explosions.

The concept of a safe room can be explained using simple illustration of a fortified box with six sides with one  side acting as a door into it. Safe rooms are constructed using strong materials like steel. The material is often several inches thick to absorb shock in case of explosions or too strong for burglars to break through. A retreat into a safe room, say, during invasion by intruders should always be followed by  promptly contacting the local police for help using an integrated alarm system or via emergency call numbers.

The growing popularity and applications of safe rooms

Safe rooms as earlier mentioned are fortified barricades constructed using thick sheets of metal. The sheets of the protective materials with which a safe room is built should always be strong enough to delay or a resist a break through by robbers for some time or completely being unable to break through. It is during this time, that those under attack get to make emergency contacts for help. It is also worth mentioning that safe rooms can also be used to guard against the fear of kidnap. Initially, safe rooms were widely used in banks for storage of cash or for cash transit, but today, safe rooms have become a major concern not only for commercial purposes, but also for home protection. Well, the question that many would be asking is how safe are safe rooms and can the average family afford a safe room?

Can the average family afford safe rooms?

Today, almost every family including both upper and middle class in developed countries can afford a safe room. Safe rooms, as the name suggests, are undoubtedly safe. They are tested and proven to be worth constructing in every residential place. In our everyday lives, we face many challenges. We are constantly worried about our safety because a security personnel can not always be  with us in our homes and everywhere we go. Every individual can not have a personal security officer. This is in line with the regulations guarding against a state or a country having the police or military force beyond a certain number. In this regard, construction of safe rooms has become  affordable to everyone. A number or safe room construction agencies  have been established  to meet this end.

As a barricade for concealing one’s self in case of invasion or danger, safe rooms are increasingly gaining popularity even among the average families. One should always be trained on the dos and don’t while in a safe for maximum protection.

Ultimate Security Plan for Your Home [Pt 1]

We came across a very in depth video series about staying safe in your own home and would like to share it with you. Look out for the other parts in the coming days and weeks!

It is vitally important that you know how to be safe in your own home not only for your relaxation but potentially for the lives of you and your family.

Please follow along and contact us if you have any questions or if we can help get your system started.

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Is your Home Secure?


Is your home safe?

Security is an integral part of happy living, and while everyone has their own way of making sure that they are always safe behind closed doors, it always emerges that having one’s property under lock and the key is not the ultimate surety that everything kept in a safe will always be secure. Today, with the advancing technology, burglars have become smarter than ever thought. Every single day is marked with new inventions in security, farming and many other fields. The creativity with which humans do their work today is fast paced, and so is the necessity for security improvements at home.

Is lock and Key that safe?

The question, which any home owner should always ask, is whether his or her home is secure.

Robbers have become smarter, and this means there is a need for improved security systems. It is not always gainsaid to hear of bank robberies where thieves manage to break through the tight security installations at night and walk away with millions of valuables in cash and in kind. This is why the question of home security should not only be a night hour concern but also daytime issue. Even if we kept vigil over our homes for twenty four hours day in day out, a gang of robbers armed to the teeth will always be a scare and a snare. However, there is a way to counter these shortcomings in the most modern ways and hereafter as discussed is how to stay safe in a secure home.

Integrated Security Systems

Sleeping or keeping property behind lock and the key is not an ultimate security solution. With advancing technology in an information era, even burglars themselves are security experts. However, this should not be a scare. Today, many homes are installed with integrated security systems. This is others words can be termed as surveillance systems, which include such devices as CCTVs, cameras and alarm systems. These are connected to local authority’s security offices which have emergency response units whenever there is a security breach in any home within their area of jurisdiction.  However, to be sure that this type of security system is as effective as it should be, a home owner should always check and perhaps check again that the installation is up and working.

Cameras and Lights; Types and Locations for installations

Cameras have been used for many years to improve security in homes. However, it all depends with the type of camera one has installed to get the full benefits of this device in security. When it comes to choosing a camera for home security, whether it is a nannycam, quality in terms of clarity of pictures should be taken into consideration. There is also the aspect of night vision cameras for night time surveillance.

A home owner should also strategically install cameras in areas where security breaches can easily occur such as behind the house, at the gate and in-front of the house. CCTV cameras are mostly preferred in this regard. Hidden cameras are always a world widely used in security systems installations and should never be far from thought. A well lit compound and especially at night is always a plus at night. There is need to install strong lighting systems to achieve maximum security desired with cameras at night.