Protecting Your Property During an Open House

If you are selling your home, than it is probable that you are showing it with open houses. This puts you in a position where an endless parade of people are entering your property, putting your personal property at risk. Since most home owners are encouraged not to be around during an open house, protect your home and property with these tips:

Have an Agent You Trust – The real estate agent is the only person around that can account for the property in your house when they are showing it. Sometimes there is an influx of people that allows for some to be left off on their own. You have to be able to trust that your agent is not going to allow this to happen, and will respect your home the way you would respect theirs.

Designate Off-Limit Areas – You will have to have at least one area of your home where no one is allowed to enter to store any valuables. Preferably this is a locked room, where only you have the key. Any potential buyers could schedule a follow up when you are at home if they want to see that room.

Have a Sign in Sheet and Sign out – Sign in sheets are normal during an open house, but you should also ensure that your agent records what time they arrived and left. Thieves looking to gain entry later will often spend more time than usual, and this could be a good clue as  to who they are if something does happen after the open house.

Open House Sign in Front Yard

Think about nanny cams – If you have surveillance cameras in your home, keep them running during the open house. This will also help you identify potential thieves and find a culprit if something does turn up missing.

Don’t Forget Your Bathroom – You forget about the expensive stuff you keep in the bathroom, and because of their small size, many realtors let potential buyers look inside alone. Lock up cosmetics, perfumes, electronics like your beard trimmer and even your beard balm. You would be amazed at what sticky fingers will steal from a bathroom medicine cabinet, and you don’t want to have to go back online and wait for shipping when you buy more from

Having an open house can be stressful and risky if you are not careful. This makes your home vulnerable during the walk through and afterwards. Be vigilant and follow these tips and your home will be better protected for it.


5 Tips For Staying Safe While Camping in Your Family Sized Tent

Security is important no matter where you are, not just at home. And with Spring just around the corner it is time for people to start getting ready for camping. Camping is a fun and cheap way for the whole family to vacation together. Still, no matter where you are planning on pitching your tent, you need to keep these safety tips in mind:

  1. Pick the Right Location – even if you want a real wilderness experience, still make sure that it is a known camping area that is monitored by local authorities. We all may think we want that experience of sleeping in the middle of nowhere, at least until it gets dark and all you can think about is what’s out there.
  2. Stow Your Stuff – Whenever you leave your family tent to hike, swim or fish, make sure you pack your gear up in a locked spot like the trunk of your car. Small items can be hidden in a diversion safe that looks like a can of typical bug spray. Or you can consider protecting your family tent and the rest of your stuff with a battery operated motion sensor and alarm. Just be prepared for when some harmless squirrel sets it off.
  3. Lock Your Family Tent – When you leave your site, leave the tent open so that potential thieves don’t assume you are hiding something valuable. Night time is a different story and you should close the zipper with a small padlock. Doesn’t seem like much, but it buys you time to make a call for help and get your protection ready when you hear someone struggling to get inside.
  4. Camping Alone? – If you are looking to get away from the world alone, the number one tip is to make sure that someone back home knows exactly where you be. Also set up a system of checking in daily. If possible bring your dog, or at the very least set up two chairs outside of your family tent instead of one.
  5. Non Human Predators – Bandits and camp site opportunists are not your only safety concern when camping. In the wilderness even the tiniest insect can cause grave harm if you are not careful. Bring plenty of bug repellent as mosquitoes are not only a pain, they can carry disease. To ward off bigger prey like raccoons and even bears, make sure that you are keeping your trash securely covered and that your food is never left out. There is nothing quite as scary as waking up to a bear licking his chops at your picnic table.

5-ways-to-attract-bears-4aWe are concerned about your safety everywhere you go, not just at home. Camping is a family friendly vacation, but it does expose you to certain dangers if you are not careful. Make sure that you are always aware of your surroundings and take steps to avoid being a target, and your camping trip will be as fun as you meant it to be.

Home Security: The Use Air Rifle for Protection

Home Security: The Use Air Rifle for Protection
It is no surprise that people nowadays purchase air rifles. Not only because it is used in an exhilarating sport which is growing in popularity, but because some people found some practical uses for it. Commonly, these air rifles are used for target shooting in the backyard or at a shooting range, and if you have the best air rifle for hunting you can even bag an elusive small game or even a big game. Not everybody knows how powerful these things can get. If you don’t have the requisite knowledge about these rifles, then be prepared for a surprise.

Your Home

Home SecurityYour home is a special place for you and your family. But are you safe enough? The risk of a break in from unwanted visitors is something that you have to take seriously. Your turf must be protected from intruders at all times. The danger that lurks when you are out on a street corner is much greater, but you cannot ignore the ones that might lurk in your home. This is because the most important people for you – your love ones can be in possible danger. Home security system can help warn you and the officials when someone breaks into your house, but is it enough when the bad guys have entered your territory and post a grave danger to your family? Weapons are sometimes necessary to ensure home safety. However, getting a real gun is not that easy. There are strict laws surrounding ownership. This is where air rifles come in.

Though the air rifles are relatively less dangerous than their real counterparts, they too are lethal if used at close quarters. Some air rifles specifically those used in hunting have a high muzzle velocity and the pellets used are capable of penetrating deeper into a target. In addition, air rifles are also made to look realistic enough to startle anyone. You can check out some of these replicas of the famous guns and pistols available as air rifles and pellet guns at Pellet Gun Pro.

Home Security in the Country

In the country, crime rates are significantly smaller compared to that of the city. However, the enemy is not primarily focused on human intruders. Rats, bats, squirrels, opossums, beavers, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, sparrows and the list go on. These animal pests inundate your property – your home at any moment, day or night. Animal pests can destroy your crops, kill your livestock, spread disease and in some cases, they can cause rabies when you or a member of your family is bitten. Bear in mind that this kind of condition is very detrimental and deadly. Extreme precaution and prompt treatment is needed.

There are some controversies involving the use of air rifles when it comes to managing these pests. However, comparing the danger and the hazards these animals bring into your home, the necessity of this action is consequential. Besides, you don’t have to shoot directly if you are concerned with animal cruelty, you can just startle or scare them away with the use of an air rifle.

Home Security in the City

Robbers, burglars, murderers, rapists – they are just some of the “human pests” mostly found in the city. I must say they are far more dangerous than the animal pests found in the country. By all means, our home, our love ones must be protected from them.

A weapon for defense is very salient, especially if you live in parts of the city where the crime rate is high. An air rifle is enough to startle intruders. But if they are vicious and aggressive and try to attack you, a high powered air rifle can physically injure them and slow them down until you are able to call for help. Having an air rifle at home can increase the chances of surviving a break in. So keep your family alive, protect your home with an air rifle.

Unusual Weaponry that Can Protect You and Your Home

Most robberies are done at moments of opportunity. A door is left open by accident, or they come across you in a parking lot while you are vulnerable. These unplanned attacks are usually just as surprising for the predator as they are for you, so if you think fast you can usually thwart them.

Car Jacking Protection

You have plenty of weapons at your fingertips that you may not even be aware of. Keys for one make a great weapon that can be used to hurt an attacker by poking them in the eye or even the nostril. Ladies can also swing their purses hard if they are heavy. Aim for the face and the attacker will be startled, giving you an extra few seconds to escape.

Car jackers also like to hang out in parking lots and wait for victims to open their trunks. This leaves the car owner vulnerable to an attack from behind. Always keep something simple like a base ball bat at the front of your trunk in order to protect yourself from these types of predators. If you are an archery enthusiast you don’t even need your Samick Sage to defend yourself. Just grab one of the pointed arrows and use that as a weapon. Of course as they are running off go ahead and load the recurve bow and take a shot. They deserve it.

Entry Robberies

If you have a security system on your home, robbers may lay in wait for when you come home. Prepare for this for by always having your keys in hand when getting out of your car in the driveway. Another trick is to enter your garage behind you when you are using an electric garage door opener. Try to watch the entryway once you pull through, and never close the door until you are sure that no one has gotten inside. This prevents you from not having an escape route if necessary.

A burglar climbing through a window

Keep a heavy object like that trusted baseball bat by the door leading into your house. Or even a lug wrench. Hit the panic button on your car alarm keys if someone does approach you as you are going inside. This usually works at making an attacker run off before help arrives.

If a Robber Does Get Inside

In this worst case scenario your best defense is to try and escape. Unlike a public attack, this one will not draw attention and you won’t be able to rely on a passerby to assist you. If escape is not possible and you are not able to get to your gun, then you will have to resort to a heavy object for defense.

If heaven forbid you are attacked by a person holding a gun, take no heroic actions. Your life is not worth losing over whatever it is they are trying to steal. Your best defense here is to try and remain calm and remember every detail to give to the police.

Home and personal protection are serious matters. Opportunist robbers and attackers are often fueled by drugs or alcohol and not in their right mind. Always be aware of your surroundings and the items you have on hand to help protect yourself from them.

What Type of Alarm System Can Be Used to Protect Your Boat?

We are not only concerned with protecting your home, your other worldly possessions are equally important to us. Cars and boats that are not on your property are extremely vulnerable to theft and vandalism. If you keep your boat docked in a marina, we don’t recommend that you rely solely on their dogs to keep it protected. Here a few different systems that you can employ to make sure that the only hands on deck are yours.

Whether you own a small fishing dinghy or a luxury yacht, you want to keep it protected. Wireless boat alarms can be installed on the doors of larger vessels, deterring burglars from breaking in. These are typically monitored by a central control station who will dispatch the police and alert you if a point of entry is disturbed.

More advanced are motion sensor alarms which can detect movement on the deck of a boat and remotely send information to the dispatch center. The trouble with these is like your motion sensors at home, anything can make them go off, including large birds. These pressure sensitive mats can be set to only emit a warning when it feels a certain amount of weight.

A boat is a luxury investment, and you can’t blame people for wanting to protect that at no cost. This is why larger vessel owners will often resort to closed circuit TV monitoring of their boats. Some of these applications even have the technology to allow you to view what is happening on your boat from your cell phone. Cameras are installed and pointed at key points of entry, to record and unauthorized visitors. In some systems the camera is also equipped with a motion sensor. When the alarm is sounded the control center can access the image to determine if it’s a human invasion or just a big sea gull.

Burglar 11-3-11 a

Ultrasound is used to protect boats and even water ports from underground invasion. Just like with a ultrasound machine, images are made of all underwater activity using a sound waves. An ultrasound technician who has gone to school to learn his trade will tell you that the images an ultrasound machine makes are very clear. Unfortunately for the ultrasound technician his special training is not required. The images are sent to a monitoring center where personnel look for anything that resembles a human form taking a swim around the boat or the port.

You have a few options when it comes to ensuring that your boat is secure where you dock it. This is more difficult than home security, but with the right system, your maritime vessel will be in good hands.

Personal Safety Advice: Clever Ways to Avoid Being Robbed

Besides your home security, we also have an invested interest in your personal safety. Now that you have a security system installed and are safe when inside the house, you have to think about keeping yourself safe when going out.

You can’t stay inside forever, but in some areas even a trip to the local grocery store can be perilous. In order to protect yourself, your car and your personal possessions, (including your money) follow these steps when leaving the house:

Make sure Your Home is Secure:

Before pulling out of the driveway do a quick mental check of how you left your home. It would be horrible to go through all of these steps for protection, only to find an intruder inside when you get back. Did you lock the back and front door? Is the alarm set? Is the garage door closed? You would be amazed at the number of people who drive off forgetting to put the garage door down first.

How are You Dressed?

Take into consideration where you are going. Your expensive diamond necklace has no place inside of the Quick mart. Wear jeans or slacks with sneakers or flat shoes. Leave the expensive accessories at home and avoid putting on expensive perfume. You can still smell nice by wearing a chic essential oil diffuser necklace with a mild scent. Learn more about these options for delightful essential oils and diffusing at That won’t draw attention from a pick pocket or thief.

Secure Your Car

These days it usually only takes the click of a button on your remote to lock the doors and secure the alarm. When you need to be wary is when getting back to it. Start looking at your vehicle from a distance, and make note of anyone who looks suspicious. If something seems off, go back inside of the store. Car jackers usually pick their target as you are parking the car and have a very clear plan on how to get you.


If you need to open the trunk, do it quickly, staying alert the whole time. Before getting inside of the car, look inside and make sure that you don’t see anyone hiding. The whole time you are struggling to get in the car you are a target so do it fast and keep your eyes open. Once safely inside, lock the doors before starting the engine.

Your Money

It is always a good idea to carry money in smaller denominations for small purchases. If you are carrying a large amount of cash have it divvied up among different pockets or compartments in your wallet. Wrap a roll of bill with lower denominations on the outside so that it looks like less than what it is.

When you do get home, you should always be on alert for an intruder. Use all of your senses and stay outside if you feel like you can hear or even smell that there is an uninvited person inside of your home. Always have your cell in hand when entering and your keys just in case. 99.9% of the time you will be fine with your home security system, but when it comes to personal safety you should never take any chances.

Don’t Forget Your Shed and Garage in Your Home Security System

When considering home security options, it is easy to overlook the items that you keep outside as well as your garage and shed. Even when the garage is attached to the house. There are a lot of expensive items being kept in these locations that you do not want to lose to a savvy burglar. If you want full protection of all of the valuables on your property then you must also be thinking about these storage areas when looking at home security systems.

Think about the contents in your shed and garage. Most homeowners have an array of tools used for landscaping and gardening. There are also other tools to consider that are very costly to replace. Do it yourselfers will usually have a garage stockpiled with expensive power tools and car repair tools. Sports enthusiasts may have their ski equipment or fishing gear inside of the gear. All of these items are potential gold mines for a robber who can easily sell them at a pawn shop or even over the internet.

harleyThe most expensive item you may be storing in the garage is your car or motorcycle. Is it really safe to keep your vehicles in a garage that is not protected by a home alarm system? Motorcycles are an especially easy target as they can typically be rolled right out into the street. You may as well leave your brand new Shoei motorcycle helmet sitting on the seat. That way your burglar won’t even get hurt if he skids out while making a get-a-way on your bike.

So why aren’t homeowners doing a better job of securing their garages? For one thing, it is often seen as unnecessary. Especially for home owners who use an electric garage opener. For them, the garage is like a landing zone, with the alarm system control panel usually inside by the door leading to the interior of the house. These home owners believe that the electric garage door opener is enough of a deterrent for this space. It is not. You would be terrified to realize how easy it is for a burglar to get into your garage the same way that you do.

The only solution to ensuring that your garage and shed are not burglarized is by making them a part of your home security system. If they are detached, this may mean investing in a wireless system. If the garage is part of the structure of the house, it can easily be wired into the system. This may mean jumping out and deactivating it fast once you open the garage door electronically, but that is a small price compared to replacing your Harley Davidson and the badass lid you just bought that goes with it.

Not securing your garage and shed is the equivalent of buying a safe and writing the combination on the top. These are vulnerable areas of your home that house and store very expensive items. Protect those items the same as you do those that are indoors by tying everything together with your home security system.

The Importance of a High-Powered Flashlight for Home Security

Home protection is a serious matter. You need to make sure that you, your family, and your belongings are safe from potential threats and would-be criminals. A great way to protect yourself is simply to deter criminals by having a good home security system in place, and have signage of your security system visible to the outside.

One additional resource that is important to home security is a high-powered flashlight. While it is obvious why a high-powered flashlight would be helpful in case of a natural disaster that resulted in a power outage, the benefit it adds to home security and protection is vital.

You never want to be caught in the dark without a way to get around and see. If for some reason you lose power to your home and it is being invaded, you need to be able to get access to a flashlight quickly so you can find the tools you need to protect yourself – such as a cell phone, improvised weapon for protection, or valuables.

Some flashlights, often called “tactical flashlights” are powerful enough to temporarily blind a would-be attacker if flashed directly into his or her eyes. They allow for an extra few moments to get away or finish a phone call to emergency services. These tactical flashlights also have bevelled edges designed to break through glass. You might need to bust through glass in order to escape from a home that has been invaded.

Strong lithium batteries often power high-powered flashlights. These batteries have an extensive lifespan. Your typical flashlight using normal batteries will die over the years, even if you rarely use it. Lithium powered flashlights are super lightweight, and can be small or large, depending on what you’d like to have in your home.

High-powered flashlights often have multiple settings. You would use a low setting to search around a room, shine a light to find your kids, or travel through a dark area. The higher power setting is strong enough to temporarily blind an intruder, and can put off large amounts of heat, as well.

While a high-powered flashlight should not be your only line of defense for your home security planning, it is a valuable tool to make sure you can get you and your family to safety should you experience a home invasion. Don’t get caught in the dark, and in a bad place. Make sure you have a high-powered flashlight with fully charged batteries available to you and your family for home protection.

How to Secure Your Home Before Getting All of Your Stuff Stolen

There is nothing more important for a person who works hard to earn a living but to be able to secure not only his or her family members but that person’s belonging as well. It can definitely be challenging or maybe impossible for a person to be at two places in one time especially when some type of emergency occurs (though technology is making this easier). This is why home security systems are very essential for people who prioritize safety all the time.

razor wire fence

Hopefully you don’t have to resort to this extreme measure of home security

Probably you have heard about the numerous home burglaries that have occurred previously and you don’t want to be a victim yourself. There are a lot of speculations on how these variety of burglars operate and how were they able to penetrate a house even if there were other people in the neighborhood. Most of the cases solved and unsolved may relate to unsecured homes or home without security systems installed.

Aside from the usual vaults being stolen, cash, priceless collections and jewelry, burglars may also take advantage of other personal possessions that they can easily dispose or can be used for their own needs such as water flossers or even your personal electric toothbrushes. This is more of an annoyance than a threat, but when you can pay up to $200 plus heads for a toothbrush these days, it’s a pretty big annoyance. There is no way of telling what these burglars can steal from your home anymore. Let’s hope they leave your toothpaste alone, but even that isn’t safe in this bizarre world.

This is why it is essential that you keep your home safe from them all the time.

Finding the Right Home Security System

It is not that hard to find the right security system that will prevent burglars from stealing your priceless possessions. All you need to do is to perform some research and compare the various home alarm systems that you can take advantage of today. The first thing that you may want to consider is searching for the right alarm system features that will fit your home. Various home alarm system providers have different features to offer to keep your house safe from burglars. Take note that the less complicated the system is, the easier for you to handle such emergency and safety issues that may happen at home.

Look for a home security system that cannot only trigger alarms but can as well record any possible form of theft that may happen in the hard to reach areas of your home. Most home security provider nowadays include a web-based CCTV camera that is also an added security for your home.

Anything can possibly happen when you are not at home. Don’t leave your priceless possessions unattended. It’s time for you to secure the things you worked hard for.

Protect the Outside of Your House as Well!

Despite spending thousands of dollars protecting your home from burglars, you may still be at a high risk of being the victim of burglary.

That may sound shocking but when people think about protecting their home they think about stopping people from getting inside, and naturally most home security systems focus on protecting the inside of your abode.

That means that anything that’s outside in your yard, even if it is as big as your smoker from Charcoal Smokers – Smoky Goodness Barbecue, is still very much at risk from being stolen. So your days of cooking – St. Louis Ribs could be numbered if you don’t take steps to protect the surroundings of your home too.

Here’s some of the things you should consider. Stay one step ahead of the burglar!

Install sensor†lighting

There’s not a more simple but effective security system to protect your back yard than sensor lighting. If a thief decides to approach your home to test it’s suitability for being burgled, having a light illuminate him before he even gets close is a sure-fire deterrent to send him scampering.

The way these work is simple. When motion is detected, the light turns on and stays on from between 1 to 15 seconds, depending on the pre-set timer. The light automatically turns off unless it continues to sense movement.

Sensor lighting is particularly effective if you have heavily foliage in your garden, because the light can illuminate hiding spots. Spotting a hooded stranger crouched down behind your hedge may be terrifying, but it’s even more scary to know that someone had been there and you didn’t even know about it.

Sensor lights are generally inexpensive to install, and should be placed over 8ft from the ground in places like the entrance to your garden.

Don’t leave things out

If a burglar has not been deterred by your sensor lighting and has got into your back yard, the next thing he will probably do is survey the belongings around him to either steal or use.

Most of us don’t think about putting away grills, smokers or tools and ladders during periods where we are unlikely to use them, but just because something is in your garden doesn’t mean it is safe and secure. So during the winter months, store your barbecue possessions and tools in your shed or garage. Putting expensive possessions inside will obviously make them more safe from being stolen and putting tools away also ensures that any would-be thief doesn’t find any help in trying to break into your home.

Routinely lock your doors

The easiest way for a thief to get inside your yard is through the door. But far too often, home-owners become complacent and forget to lock doors that lead to their garden, thinking the area they are living in is safe and secure and then boom, unexpectedly, they are burgled.

You should never be burgled because you forgot to lock the yard gate or left the fence door open. It can be easy to forget as we all live very busy lives, so make locking everything up a routine that you never skimp on. If you have kids, get them to help. Give them a designated day when it’s their turn to batten down the hatches.